ZeroContact™ Finger Guard


ZeroContact™ Finger Guard
ZeroContact™ Finger Guard

Protect yourself from viruses and bacteria, avoid direct contact from public doors and elevator buttons introducing the all-new ZeroContact Finger Guard.

ZeroContact™ Finger Guard

With the help of this tool, you can maintain public health and safety, by isolating and minimizing viruses and bacteria spread by keeping your hands clean rather than wearing a safety mask. The built-in chlorine-containing disinfectant sponge will effectively kill any form of virus, germs, and bacteria.

ZeroContact™ Finger Guard

Lightweight & portable, the perfect tool for commuting and going to workplaces! Stay safe, protect yourself, friends & your family from any form of an epidemic



Safety Push & Grip Handle 
With its structural design, you can easily and safely push elevator buttons, handle public doors and drawers without making a hand contact to minimize the risk of a virus transfer.ZeroContact™ Finger Guard
Portable & Compact
It is small & easy to carry, ideal for traveling, commuting or going to workplaces, effectively isolate the virus from spreading.ZeroContact™ Finger Guard
Self Disinfect
The built-in sponge-chlorine disinfectant effectively kills any form of virus, germs, and bacteria after contact, making it safe to use over & over again.

ZeroContact™ Finger Guard
Multi Usage
Suitable for a variety of scenarios, elevator buttons, door handles, drawer handles, public equipmentZeroContact™ Finger Guard

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