WonderSlim Body-Cleansing Pallet Patch


WonderSlim Body-Cleansing Pallet Patch
WonderSlim Body-Cleansing Pallet Patch

Get rid of belly fats effortlessly with this WonderSlim Body Cleansing Pallet Patch!

WonderSlim Body-Cleansing Pallet Patch

Sluggish bowel movements can get in the way of losing weight and can lead to creating love handles, belly fat, toxicity, and inflammation.

WonderSlim Body-Cleansing Pallet Patch

This Cleansing Pallet Patch contains herbal ingredients that enter the body through your abdomen to help detoxify the toxicants accumulated in the body.

It works with bodies own ENDOCRINE system, which includes the glands that control the body’s metabolic rate.


  • NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS PATCH. The Slim Patch is all natural and 100% safe herbal patch developed to help your body shed fat safely and quickly.
  • BOOST METABOLIC RATE. Works naturally to boost metabolic rate, burns incoming FAT, CARBS and SUGARS by working with the body’s own ENDOCRINE system.

WonderSlim Body-Cleansing Pallet Patch

  • MORE EFFECTIVE THAN TAKING PILLS. Formulated with all-natural herbal ingredients to safely reduce fat in the abdominal area, this product is a safer alternative to diet pills and surgery.
  • IMPROVES BOWEL FUNCTION. Helps with constipation while making you get rid of what is called ‘Phlegm Dampness’
  • EFFORTLESS BODY SLIMMING. Perfect for people who have no time to exercise or to on a diet. Just place the patch on your belly before sleeping and remove the next morning.

WonderSlim Body-Cleansing Pallet Patch

  • BREATHABLE AND COMFORTABLE. Allows you to lose weight in your sleep or as you go about your normal day!


  1. Clean and wipe dry the part of your body you want to apply the patch.
  2. Peel the protective film from the patch.
  3. Stick the patch onto the desired area (belly, arms, thigs, etc).
  4. Hold the patch for about 5 seconds to ensure adhesion.
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