Waterproof Wall Gap Sealing Tape


Waterproof Wall Gap Sealing Tape
Waterproof Wall Gap Sealing Tape

Waterproof Wall Gap Sealing Tape Features:

Construction steps:

* Clean the construction surface and keep it dry

* Peel off the blue tape, keep the adhesive surface clean

* The glue surface is stuck inside, and it must be compacted while pressing.

Stick it with a hair dryer or a hot air gun, it will be particularly strong

Scope of application: Suitable for ceiling plaster line, skirting line, door and window frame, TV background wall, bathroom and other corner decoration

Product advantages: environmental protection, soft texture, beautiful color, bright surface, waterproof, mildew-proof, does not change color, does not crack, does not fall off

Waterproof Wall Gap Sealing Tape

Notes on construction of self-adhesive models:

* Do not press hard at the beginning of the paste. If it is not straight, you can tear it off and paste it. The longer the benefits of the special glue, the stronger the adhesive force. It has passed international quality inspection.

* Don’t stretch too tightly when pasting, don’t stick where there is glass glue

* Can not be exposed to water within 3 days after being posted. After 3 days, the glue is stable and can be waterproof and mold resistant

* Winter construction can be blown with a hair dryer or hot air gun to speed up the paste

Common problems and instructions:

* Please keep the construction surface dry and clean

* After attaching the beauty line, re-press with your fingers and press 2-3 times

* Please do not touch the water and do not move it before it is cured.

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