Universal Chainsaw Drill Attachment


    Universal Chainsaw Drill Attachment
    Universal Chainsaw Drill Attachment


    • Convenient to Use – Just insert and lock in place
    • Auxiliary Handle – Comfortable to use in multiple positioning
    • Easy to Modify – Alter your chainsaw attachment to suit your sawing needs

    Just Insert, Lock, & Saw!

    Engineered for comfort and ease of use. This Chainsaw Drill Attachment is comfortable, lightweight, and works with the power of your drill, whether it’s battery or corded!
    The 4-inch blade provides you with enough room to saw small trees, 2x4s for woodworking, or your basic yard management.

    It’s the perfect tool to have around for quick jobs! No more lifting out your heavy, inconvenient gas-guzzling chainsaw. This chainsaw attachment is portable, fast, and easy!

    • Special design guiding plate with tungsten steel ball
    • Lightweight size can be held with one hand.
    • Deep quenching, wear-resistant, and smooth cutting.
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