Universal Car Anti-skid Silicone Pad


Universal Car Anti-skid Silicone Pad
Universal Car Anti-skid Silicone Pad

Car anti-skid mats, decorate your car, it is not just has super adsorption but it’s more water-proof and sunscreen-resistant and eco-friendly material. with no odor. Super toughness, can stick to any surface without leaving any trace.

Universal Car Anti-skid Silicone Pad

Product Features:

  • It is possible to wash it by hand with water directly to eliminate the dust from the non-slip mat. It can be used over and over again
  • Beautiful appearance, which can be used to decorate
  • Install the anti-slip mat onto the dash of your vehicle. Place anything like cigarettes, mobile phones glasses, pens, coins etc. on it.
  • The eco-friendly latex is composed of high-quality workmanship it is elastic and soft, and provides a more effective anti-slip property.
  • Large, sticky and high-quality gel pad. It is ideal for perfumes, mobile phones glasses, keys, coins laptops, sewing machines and other small gadgets/decorations.
  • Tips to Use the Gel Pads More Effectively: 1Please keep the contact area of the gel pads that stick to you clear and dry. 2Press on the pad 5 secs immediately after adhering.
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