ThermoHeat Fleecy Non-Slip Socks


ThermoHeat Fleecy Non-Slip Socks
ThermoHeat Fleecy Non-Slip Socks

Keeps Warm & Cozy This Winter!

Always got cold feet during winter? Get your ThermoHeat Fleecy Non-Slip Socks and warm them up!

ThermoHeat Fleecy Non-Slip Socks

ThermoHeat Fleecy Non-Slip Socks are the best winter buddy to get you through this cool weather. One size fits most, so you can keep all of your loved ones warm and cozy in our socks. Featuring innovative, anti-slip, silicone grips, strategically placed on the soles, to keep you safe from falls and 3/4 crew design, these super-soft socks will keep your feet and ankles completely wrapped in warmth and comfort. These comfy socks are the only socks your feet will ever need!

ThermoHeat Fleecy Non-Slip Socks

Quick Heating:
Heats up the 45ºC as quickly as 3 minutes after you put your foot in.

Perfect Warmth:
No matter how cold the floor is, your feet will stay warm and toasty.

The heat can accelerate and improve your blood circulation, delivering an instant anti-swelling effect.

Fashion Yet Comfy:
The outside is fashioned of ultra-plush, cable knit, while the inside wraps your feet in super-soft, shearling style fleece.

Stay safe and secure, with the anti-slip, silicone grips placed on the soles.

Easy to Wear:
Simple to slide on and off, fast and easy.

3/4 Crew Design:
Keep your feet and ankles warm with the tall design, for maximum warmth

One Size Fits Most:
Fits feet from 22.2cm to 27.6cm, super elastic but comfy.

Machine Washable:
Easy to wash with just a toss in washing machine.

ThermoHeat Fleecy Non-Slip Socks


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