The Revolutionary 3D Air Bag Bicycle Seat Cushion


    The Revolutionary 3D Air Bag Bicycle Seat Cushion


    Since 2020, more and more commuters choose to ride to work and home. Traditional bike saddles are hard, trap heat in summer and no shock absorptions at all. Too hard cushions can be harmful to your reproductive organs, and long-time/frequent use will make you feel uncomfortable. In the end, you may want to give up this eco-friendly transportation.

    We want to limit carbon footprints by helping people keep riding bicycles comfortably. We use air cushion with moderate flexibility that can effectively alleviate friction to ensure a comfortable long riding.

    The Revolutionary 3D Air Bag Bicycle Seat Cushion

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    Reducing vibration and direct impact transmitted to the body by up to 45%. Commute with bicycles has never been so comfortable.

    No more wet bottom

    The shallow slot design of cushion, with 6mm bag spacing;

    Good air permeability, reducing sweat and stuffiness and keeping the butt dry. Stand up from your bike with confidence!

    Once installed, it stays there

    The bottom of the seat cushion is made of TPU+lycra material with anti-slip particles, which has good adsorption effect for any material surface, making the cycling more stable.

    The Revolutionary 3D Air Bag Bicycle Seat Cushion


    • Can I wash Saddle Cushion Cover?

    The breathable material and metal valve makes it unavailable for machine wash. However, it is 100% hand washable.

    • Is there a weight limit for Saddle Cushion Cover?

    We have tested it out with a person weight at 440lbs / 200kg and it works perfectly still.

    • Will it deform overtime?

    No, we use premium lycra blend material that will never change its shape. We also ran a heavy duty machine testing for over 20,000 times and it stays in its original form.

    • What’s the recommended air pressure?

    We recommend 60%-80% air pressure for the most comfortable cycling experience. 60% for higher body weight, 80% for lower body weight.

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