Thai Whitening Yellow Peeling Oil


    Thai Whitening Yellow Peeling Oil
    Thai Whitening Yellow Peeling Oil

    Say goodbye to the yellow glow you’ve been hiding for years!!!

    Thai Whitening Yellow Peeling Oil

     Your skin is a mirror. It reflects your mood, your health, and your lifestyle. If your skin has lost its glow, it’s time to change up your regimen!

    Your skin is an organ, it needs nourishment just like any other part of your body. And what better way to feed it than with Thai Whitening Yellow Peeling Oil?

    This magical blend of natural ingredients will give you a brighter, more youthful complexion in only one application. Just rub it on and watch as your skin is transformed before your eyes. Thai Whitening Yellow Peeling Oil is the most effective way to get rid of your sun-damaged skin. We’ve tested this product on hundreds of people, and it has worked for each and every one of them. 

    What Makes Thai Whitening Yellow Peeling Oil Effective For Skin Reborn?

    Thai Whitening Yellow Peeling Oil

    Thai Whitening Yellow Peeling Oil is a nourishing, cleansing, moisturizing oil that can be used in all parts of the body. The ingredients in this product work together to cleanse skin and remove excess oil, dead skin cells, and impurities that cause acne and other skin issues. It also helps to restore moisture and elasticity to your skin.

    This product is 100% natural and does not contain any chemicals or artificial ingredients that could harm you or damage your skin. The unique blend of oils provides nutrients that help to reverse damage caused by sun exposure and environmental factors such as pollution or smoking. Thai Whitening Yellow Peeling Oil is an all-natural remedy for skin rejuvenation. Its unique formula combines the benefits to help you achieve the best skin resurrection you need.

    What Are The Key Ingredients And How Do They Work?

    • Propanediol capryloyl acid  is a special kind of acid that is found in many foods and plants. It’s an ester, which means it’s made from the combination of an alcohol and an organic acid. This particular ester is made by combining propanediol with caprylic acid, which comes from coconut oil. It is a compound that is used in the creation of cosmetic products. It is used to treat and prevent skin damage, and helps to exfoliate the skin.

    Thai Whitening Yellow Peeling Oil

    • Lactic acid is a naturally-occurring alpha hydroxy acid found in dairy products, and it is one of the most effective topical exfoliants for skin. It is able to remove the dead skin cells that clog pores and cause acne, and it also helps to regenerate new skin cells by increasing collagen production. By using lactic acid in your skincare routine, you can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, fade dark spots and discoloration, and even fight acne breakouts.

    Excellent Benefits Of Thai Whitening Yellow Peeling Oil

    • It whitens your skin by removing dead cells that can dull its appearance
    • It moisturizes so that your skin doesn’t dry out or become flaky
    • Give skin a healthy and radiant glow
    • It balances skin tone
    • It’s a fast and easy way to get smooth, even skin.
    • No need to go to the salon every other week just to maintain your skin’s tone.
    • It can be done by yourself in the comfort of your own home!
    • It helps to reduce the appearance of acne scars, blemishes and other imperfections on the surface of your skin.
    • It lightens areas of discoloration on your face caused by sun exposure or other factors.
    • It moisturizes and hydrates your skin, preventing dryness and flaking while also improving elasticity so that wrinkles are less visible.
    •  It reduces inflammation so that redness caused by acne or other conditions is less noticeable and may even disappear completely over time if used regularly as part of an overall skincare routine.

    How To Use

    1. Wash the skin with a mild soap.
    2. On clean, dry skin, apply a thin, even layer of Yellow Peeling Oil 3 times a day to the target or your body using a cotton swab.
    3. It can be applied 3 times with an interval of 15 minutes.
    4. Please do not rub your skin.
    5. Apply peeling oil for 3 days only. This means that you will put it 3 times per application, 3 applications per day, for 3 consecutive days.
    6. For a total of 27 applications for 3 days (9 applications per day) Avoid washing during treatment until the next day.
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