Tea Tree Skin Tag Remover Patch

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Tea Tree Skin Tag Remover Patch
Tea Tree Skin Tag Remover Patch


Get rid of moles or skin tags in the most painless way!

This Tea Tree Skin Tag Remover Patch is a no-pain solution to everyone with a skin tag or mole problem! It ensures a fast, painless and effective removal process that leaves no scars.

EFFECTIVE REMOVER – Removes pesky pimples and skin tags in the safest and most painless way! This also stops acne formulation and prevents it from recurring. Absorbs exudation of wound and minimizes wound scars. No lasers, surgery or expensive dermatological treatments needed!

TRANSPARENT – Made of super slim clear material that allows you to wear it without anyone noticing it. A concealer and tag remover in one patch.

WATERPROOF – Sticks well in a rain or shine condition. You need not worry about sweating or getting it wet.

STRONG ADHESIVE – Has a double adhesive power strength that last for several hours. Sticks and stays even on bumpy surfaces.

POWERFUL FORMULATION – Formulated with salycilic acid and tea tree extract as its main ingredient, it absorb pus, fluids, oil, and other impurities straight from the source. Ensures a safe and total healing of tags, acne or mole. Safe to use for all skin types.

VARIOUS APPLICATIONS – As it is good on skin tags, it also works effectively on acne, warts and even on moles.

Have a perfectly smooth skin with this Tea Tree Skin Tag Remover NOW!


  1. Clean the affected or the targeted area thoroughly
  2. Get a piece of this patch – carefully select the ones that match with size of your acne, tag, pimple, wart or  mole
  3. Apply it on the target area.
  4. Leave it until its work is done.
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