Surprise Popping Cake Stand


Surprise Popping Cake Stand
Surprise Popping Cake Stand


POPPING CLEAR GIFT STORAGE!✨ This cake stand comes with a clear tube in the middle, perfect for storing your gift! Pull the trigger in the cake stand to give your guests an instant surprise as it rise from the middle! The compartment is big enough for jewellery, cash, lipsticks, or even a smartphone!

😱PRICELESS REACTION FROM YOUR GUESTS!😱 Happy guests are the best sight for all party organizers! This cake stand is perfect to drive the madness in the party. Get everyone astonished and pleasantly surprised with it!

🎂AN INTERACTIVE SURPRISING CAKE!🎂 Because just a cake is not enough! Get everyone going with a cake that actually excites you from inside out!

FOOD SAFE MATERIALS!✅ When it comes to food containers, your safety is our top priority! That’s why we adopted premium food-safe PP materials when crafting this must have cake stand! Feel safe and relieved when using this cake stand for elderly and children!

🥳A MUST HAVE PARTY ESSENTIAL!🥳 Forget about regular cakes and let’s get everybody crazy with this Surprise Popping Cake Stand now!


  • Cut out middle of the cake for the middle tube
  • Attach the gift tube to the middle plate of the cake stand
  • Insert your surprise gift and push it though the middle tube
  • Place cake on the stand
  • Put icings on top of the gift tube to hide the surprise

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