Stainless Steel Push-Type Bounce Core

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Stainless Steel Push-Type Bounce Core
Stainless Steel Push-Type Bounce Core
  • Modernize your bathroom with our innovative basin drain.Basin Pop-up Drain Filter is designed with an inner well-structured basket strainer that neatly collects hairs, jewelry, dirt, and anything, preventing the drain from clogging up.Pop-up design overturns the traditional, inconvenient drain (e.g. basic plug with chain)! Just press the top cap down gently to switch 2 modes – stopper (to keep the water) and strainer (to drain off the water).FEATURES:
    • Anti-Clogging Design
      The inner well-structured basket strainer neatly collects hairs, jewelry, dirt, and anything, preventing the drain from clogging up.
    • Pop-up by a Press
      Acts a bathtub/ basin stopper. Convenient push-button makes it easier to drain or fill the water.
    • Durable Material
      Made of rust-resistant, anti-cracking stainless steel. Integrally molded and seamless.
    • No Water Leakage
      Structured with a thickened stepped silica-gel gasketpreventing water leakage. Oxidation resistance and leakage proof.
    • Easy Installation
      No tools are needed – Just take out the old one and insert the pop-up drain filter. Thickened and extended nut allows it to be mounted with bare hands.
    • Universal Size
      Fits all standard American bathroom sink with 1-1/2″ to 1-3/4″ drain hole(1.45 to 1.96 inches).
    • Elegant Finish
      Industry-leading silver finish with the highly glossed surface as bright as a mirror. Not BRUSHED nor MATTE finish. Built to resist daily scratches, corrosions, and tarnishing.
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