SoapMaker™ Soap Melting Coaster

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    SoapMaker™ Soap Melting Coaster

    With the high-tech SoapMaker™ Soap Melting Coaster, it is convenient for you to melt and pour soap making with simple steps.

    Safe & Easy To Operate

    With high-sensing technology, lifting up the cup, the melting coaster will go on sleeping mode and will shut off in a few minutes without using it. If the melting coaster is on for 8 hours continuously, it will automatically shut off.

    Temperature Setting

    With two levels of temperature setting, (45°C~55°C or 55°C~65°C) allows you to select and maintain the suitable temperature to melt and pouring for soap making, you may choose any of the temperature setting based on the types of the container that you use. Using a cup with a thin wall, flat-bottom will get the best heating performance.

    Durable & Long-Lasting

    Perfectly designed with aluminum alloy and tempered glass, the waterproof, easy-to-clean conductive glass surface makes your life and work easier. High-quality materials that it can last for years!

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