Slimming EMS Abs Shaper

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Slimming EMS Abs Shaper

Our Slimming EMS Abs Shaper is a self-adhesive massager that is designed to provide a natural stimulation of muscle contraction to target the loose stretched tissue, tighten skin and reduce subcutaneous fat on flabby and saggy belly.Slimming EMS Abs Shaper

Adopted powerful Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) which emits low-frequency pulse that promotes blood and lymph circulation and enhances skin elasticity. It creates an electric pulse that stimulates muscle contraction and hence effectively exercises muscles and targets the flabby fat tissueSlimming EMS Abs Shaper

Made of top-quality silicone material that is 100% safe to skin, which does not cause any rashes or irritations. The wireless and seamless design makes it convenient to use and invisible under all clothing, so that you can have a relaxed and comfortable abs sculpting massage whenever and wherever you want.Slimming EMS Abs Shaper

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