SkynLight Lightening Serum


SkynLight Lightening Serum
SkynLight Lightening Serum

Exposure to UV-sunlight, hormonal influences and oxidative stress can result in an over-production of melanin in the skin. And the more melanin you have, the darker your skin is. Sometimes, melanin can build up in some areas due to these factors and can cause darkening of the skin, which doctors may call as hyperpigmentation.

While hyperpigmentation may not be serious, it can actually wreck your well-established self-confidence and can even make you uncomfortable in the public eye. But no worries – we got you (and your face) covered and protected! The SkynLight Lightening Serum is here to reduce the production of melanin and make your skin brighter than ever!

  • SKIN BRIGHTENING – Made with potent ingredients to effectively combat dark spots and even out skin tone to give skin a visibly brighter complexion and radiant skin tone. Also reduces and prevents skin from fading and yellowing during early aging.

  • BOOSTS RADIANCE – Formulated to block melanin production, accelerate melanin discharge, and deep repairs muscle base for overall skin brightening and radiant skin.

  • SKIN RESTORER – Effectively decreases regular pigmentation induced by inflammatory stress and reduces the appearance of post-acne marks so you can bring back your skin’s original condition to baby-like texture.

  • ANTI-WRINKLE – Not only for whitening but it also helps smooth away wrinkles and fine lines so you can bring back your skin’s natural elasticity and achieve smoother, firmer, and softer skin texture.

  • HIGHLY-CONCENTRATED – Made highly concentrated, oil-free, and moisturizing to penetrate deep into your pores and allows you to see a difference on your skin faster than any whitening product while retaining the skin’s natural moisture.

  • SAFE TO USE – Since it’s made with gentle and natural ingredients, it’s guaranteed safe to use on all skin types and won’t cause any irritation at all.

  • EASY USAGE – To use, just apply 3-4 drops on cleansed face after toner, before any skin care product which has a thicker texture like lotion, moisturizer, and facial oil.

Get your own Skin Brightening Facial Serum today and start your journey to bringing back your skin’s natural glow!

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