SilverTime™ EMS Lymph & Swell Massage Pad


SilverTime™ EMS Lymph & Swell Massage Pad
SilverTime™ EMS Lymph & Swell Massage Pad
Testimonials of our Happy Customers

“I’m very glad that my swelling subsides, and hopefully won’t reoccur. I am very thankful and satisfied with EMS Lymph & Swell Massage Pad! Highly Recommended!”
– Glenda Mcgee

“I have tried dozens of products to get rid of my lymph, I even consulted the doctor, and suggest we should operate, but I’m hesitant, as much as I care I don’t want my body to be cut open! Then my friend recommends EMS Lymph & Swell Massage Pad, and that’s how the wonders start to work. Within 1 month of consistent use, my lymph is getting smaller day by day, it works like magic! I’m really glad I have found this product!”
– Jasmine Booker

I got obvious arm fat as you can see, I thought that was because of obesity until it started to sore, I even thought it was cancer but luckily, I found EMS Lymph & Swell Massage Pad and realized it is lymphedema, this massager works so fast! I feel relieved in just one night and the swelling visibly reduced!– Danna Jennings

The technology behind EMS Lymph & Swell Massage Pad

Micro-Pulse Vibration
Research says that as little as 15 minutes a day of micropulse vibration, may help to enhance blood flow, which frees clogged lymph, eliminate lumps, reduce muscle soreness, & build strength!

Benefits & Features

Helps Cure Lymphatic Drainage
EMS Lymph & Swell Massage Pad effectively removes lymphatic congestion in the body and strengthens immunity in this process by producing micro-pulse vibration pulses, that dissolve any fats, & built-up masses.Relieves Body Swelling & Inflammation
EMS Lymph & Swell Massage Pad provides a particularly strong massage effect, that stimulates microcirculation that boosts healthy blood circulation that eases swelling.Multiple Modes
EMS Lymph & Swell Massage Pad provides six adjustable modes with massage techniques including shiatsu, kneading, tapping, massage to meet different needs. It is recommended to use for 15 minutes a day for fast and visible results.


Material: Silicone
Usage mode: 6 Modes
Frequency: 1~100Hz
Output current: up to 9.8mA
Massage technique: shiatsu, kneading, tapping, massage

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