Salt & Sugar Spice Shaker Control Bottle


Salt & Sugar Spice Shaker Control Bottle

【HEALTH LIFE】It is best to control the daily salt intake below 6g. The salt bottle pours out 0.5g of salt per pressing, which can well to control the consumption of salt, especially suitable for the elderly, pregnant, babies and fitness fanatic, etc.

Salt & Sugar Spice Shaker Control Bottle

【FOOD GRADE MATERIAL】 The seasoning organizer is composed of high quality glass body and food grade ABS cap. The size is 3.9*2.2inch /10*5.7cm and the capacity is 150ml.

【EASY TO USE】Easy to hold, no spoon required, one-handed operation. The clear bottle body makes it easy to check the remaining seasonings, and the large-caliber bottle mouth is convenient for refilling seasonings.

【SEALING DESIGN】 Sealed bottle, which can effectively prevent the seasoning from getting damp, prevent it from condensing into lumps, prevent mosquitoes and dust, keep the seasoning in a fresh state and taste, and make the dishes more delicious.

【Uses】Suitable for edible salt, cumin powder, chili powder, sugar, pepper powder and various small-particle seasonings.

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