Reusable Magic Dust Brusher


Reusable Magic Dust Brusher
Reusable Magic Dust Brusher

Bizzoby`s Reusable Magic Dust Brusher is proven to be excellent for removing hair, fur, and lint from furniture, clothing and much more!

Reusable Magic Dust Brusher features double-sided action that cleans in half the time! This Dust Brusher is an effective and reusable pet fur remover with self-cleaning base.

In order to benefit from the Reusable Magic Dust Brusher, please follow the procedures of proper usage. When it is needed, gently brush your fur remover across surfaces that may have pet fur, hair, and lint. Then, when the brush is fully covered, simply dip it into the self-cleaning base.

All the fur, hair and lint will get trapped inside the base and when you remove the brush, you will have a clean brush again. Finally, when the base becomes full, take the cap off and empty the collected fur, hair and lint into a waste bin.

Purchase Bizzoby`s Reusable Magic Dust Brusher for a very affordable price, save a fortune for yourself, and easily get fur-free surfaces!

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