ProTech Snap-On Pipe Cover


    ProTech Snap-On Pipe Cover
    ProTech Snap-On Pipe Cover

    Do you have unsightly plumbing pipes visible inside and outside your house?

    ProTech Snap-On Pipe Cover

    Cover unappealing exposed pipes to damage-proof with this ProTech Snap-On Pipe Cover!


    Prevents Accidental Damage & Leaks

    This snap-on pipe cover effectively protects exposed pipes from accidental damages and leaks.

    An easy and practical way to instant fix ugly exposed pipes.

    ProTech Snap-On Pipe Cover

    No Additional Tools Needed To Install

    Because plastic is so malleable, these matt pipe covers slide easily around the radiator pipe then snap closed to cover the gap between floor and pipe.

    No need to drain or disconnect the pipe, it only takes a few seconds to cover the ugly surface.

    ProTech Snap-On Pipe Cover

    From Unappealing To Elegant

    When the pipe passes through the wall, it leaves an unsightly surface.

    This is where the pipe cover comes in to instantly mask that unappealing exposed pipes to clean and elegant protected pipes.

    Prevents mold growth and bugs too!


    Fits Floor Or Wall Pipes Of ALL Sizes

    Made of polymer with high toughness and durability, this pipe cover perfectly fits all pipe sizes.

    From faucets to water pipes, angle valves to drain lines, all can be easily covered and well-protected.

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