PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic Massager


PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic Massager
PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic Massager


Hear What Our Happy Customers Say About PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic Massager

PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic Massager

“I’ve tried everything to get rid of my double chin, but nothing’s worked. I even tried Botox—but it cost me more than I wanted to spend, and after a few weeks, I still had that saggy skin. The PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic Massager has changed everything. After just one week, my face is smoother and slimmer; my jawline looks better; and I have no more sagging skin! If you want to look your best without spending a fortune on expensive creams or surgeries, this is the product for you.” – Stacey., 38, New Jersey – 

“I’m a total believer in microcurrent technology, and the PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic Massager is one of the best. I had always been self-conscious about my face— my skin was sagging, I’ve got wrinkles everywhere and I’ve always had trouble finding the right makeup to make me look like the person I want to be. But this massager changed it all! I use it every day, and after just three weeks of use, my skin has tightened up, my jawline is more defined, and I’ve got an AMAZING face contour. Plus, I’ve noticed that even when I don’t use it for a few days (which is rare), my skin still looks better. It’s like there’s something in this massager that helps keep your face looking young and healthy even when you’re not using it! It also helps with saggy skin on other parts of your body—like your neck or shoulders. And if you’re trying to get rid of cellulite? This is seriously worth a shot—it’ll smooth out those dimples without having to spend hours at the gym.” – Olivia., 36, Louisiana –  

Are You Worried of Doubled Chin, Saggy Skin and Wrinkles on Your Face?

PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic Massager

Sagging skin and wrinkles are two of the most common signs of aging. They are visible on all parts of the face, but they are most noticeable on the cheeks, forehead, and nose.

Sagging skin is characterized by loss of elasticity, which causes the skin to hang down from its natural position over time. This can result in a sagging appearance that can be caused by gravity or by the loss of collagen production within your body.


Wrinkles typically form when you smile or frown because they occur where facial muscles move against each other as they contract or relax. As you age, your skin loses its ability to bounce back into shape after these movements, which results in permanent lines being formed across your face.

PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic Massager

Treatments for aging skin include surgical procedures such as face lifts and non-surgical options like the use of microcurrent devices. These treatments can improve the appearance of your face, jawlines  and neck while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.

How Does EMS and Microcurrent Enhance The Condition Of Your Skin?

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) uses electrical impulses to stimulate a muscle and engage its fibers. The device mimics the brain by sending ‘shocks’ to the neurons in the muscle group, which causes those muscles to expand and contract like they might during usual exercise. This strengthens and tones your muscles while increasing production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the main chemical energy source for cellular and muscular functions–essential for skin renewal, repair and firmness. Over time, consistent use of EMS can provide a more lean, contoured shape and reduced appearance of cellulite.

PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic Massager

Microcurrent technology is a noninvasive therapy that sends out a low-voltage current that is similar to the natural electrical currents in the body, to “train” all those muscles. It contours, tones, firms and lifts the muscles and the skin. The result is a healthier complexion that makes you look younger,  explains Zain Husain, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of New Jersey Dermatology & Aesthetics Center. The microcurrent stimulates energy production to drive the creation of collagen and elastin in the skin. This can result in toned, tighter skin that gives the face a more “lifted” appearance. 


Introducing PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic Massager: The Latest In The Beauty World

 PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic Massager

If you’re looking for a device that can help you firm up your facial muscles and improve the elasticity of your skin, then you need to get yourself a PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic Massager. It’s a device that works by sending microcurrents through your body’s acupoints. The acupoints are the tiny points on your skin that are connected to a variety of body functions, such as the lymphatic system, which helps to keep our immune system healthy. It reduces swelling and inflammation, and it also stimulates the lymphatic system so that it can work more efficiently.

 PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic Massager slims faces, improves saggy skin and prevents skin aging by stimulating muscles and collagen production in the skin.The massager sends these microcurrents to the selected acupoints, causing the muscles around them to contract and relax over time. The result is firmer, plumper skin, especially around areas like the face and neck. It also reduces sagging caused by age or gravity, so if your face has started looking tired or saggy lately, this is a great way to restore some youthfulness!

PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic MassagerThis device can also be used on your face, neck, chest, arms, and abdomen—wherever you want to tone up and tighten saggy skin. You’ll see results after just one session! 

Excellent Benefits of PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic Massager

  • improves lymph flowing, blood circulation in your face and neck area by working on pressure points
  • tightens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • help you get rid of the toxic waste that’s making your skin look dull and tired
  • combines the benefits of microcurrent and acupoints therapy to give you healthier, more youthful skin
  • you can use the massager on any part of your body—even on those tough-to-reach places like your back or arms!
  • non invasive face light and skin tightening treatment
  • delivers microcurrents to meridians, boosting the flow of blood and lymph, and improving overall health
  • when used on the skin, it increases absorption of skin care products

Take A Look At Amy’s Ultimate Experience with PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic Massager

Week 1:

I’m not going to lie—I was a bit skeptical at first. I mean, I’ve tried so many different things that claim to slim the cheek and chin over the years, but it just never happened. But then I got this in the mail and decided to give it a shot. I started seeing changes in my cheek size. I noticed that my skin was tighter as well, which was something I’d been struggling with for years. I’d tried everything from expensive creams to facial massages, but nothing worked until this device.

Week 4: 

PokeSlim MicroCurrent Acupoints Therapeutic Massager

After four weeks of use, I noticed that my cheeks were significantly thinner. My face looks amazing now—my friends are always commenting on how great it looks!  It’s literally like someone gave me a facelift!

How To Use

Put it on the face/ targeted area, and turn it on. It turns off automatically after 15 mins.

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