Orgone Pyramid


Orgone Pyramid
Orgone Pyramid

Energy Generating Orgone Pyramids are built on the concepts that were developed by The late Dr. Wilhelm Reich who was medical doctor and psychoanalyst. He is thought to be the founder of energy called orgone (also called chi , or vital energy). The idea is that these pyramids help to regulate and balance energy fields that are present in our environment and help to strengthen your body’s energy by converting low frequency energy to the higher frequency which is beneficial for all life forms , including pets and plants.

Orgone Pyramid

Lapis lazuli can reveal and connect to your divine and noble nature. It is believed to stimulate your intuition, connecting you with divine guidance as well as visionary consciousness. It can aid you in discerning and speaking the truth and also to discover your innermost self.

Orgone Pyramid

A stunning purple gem Amethyst is believed to boost strength, confidence and tranquility. These qualities can assist in healing. The stone is soothing and has tranquil properties and the ability to create a calm energy. It can aid in releasing the creative side. As the stone has peaceful characteristics, it’s a wonderful present for people who suffers from depression, anxiety disorders, or addictions. It’s said to boost physical and mental well-being.

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