NailRenewal FungusTreatment Pen


NailRenewal FungusTreatment Pen
NailRenewal FungusTreatment Pen

Before we introduce our NailRenewal FungusTreatment Pen, let’s look at our happy customers.

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“I bought this because I had some type of nail fungus under my pinky nails after having my nails done. After 1 week, I noticed a major difference. The discoloration is almost gone and the nail is growing normally. It has a strong smell when it is applied, but you can’t really smell it once it dries. It works best if the nail is recently soaked. I apply it every morning and night.”—Michelle Brown—35, Dallas, Texas
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“This product works great! I like the applicator because I can get it right where I need it. I have a recurring nail fungus issue on one of my big toes. It started as a white spot compromising my nail’s integrity and continued to spread to the bed. Luckily, I caught the problem before it got any worse. This cream goes right to work and if you use the applicator brush, you can file your nail down and then apply it topically to all affected areas (I use an acrylic nail board and roughen up the top side of my nail really well first). After applying this every night, my white spot was gone within months and my nail grew back normally. Now I’m using it as a preventative measure for all ten nails!” —Melissa Thompson—42, Seattle, Washington

NailRenewal FungusTreatment Pen

NailRenewal FungusTreatment Pen is used to treat skin infections such as athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm, and other fungal skin infections (candidiasis). This cream is also used to treat a skin condition known as pityriasis (tinea versicolor), a fungal infection that causes a lightening or darkening of the skin of the neck, chest, arms, or legs.

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The unique key ingredient of NailRenewal FungusTreatment Pen:

Chitosan is a natural compound with a demonstrated antimicrobial activity. Chitosan inhibits the growth of filamentous fungi and yeast human pathogens. However, to develop chitosan as an antifungal treatment, a full understanding of its mode of action is necessary.

 NailRenewal FungusTreatment Pen

NailRenewal FungusTreatment Pen

Here are the unique features of the NailRenewal FungusTreatment Pen:

  • Correct deformed shape
  • Remodel the nails and surrounding skin.
  • Hydrating and fortifying your nails
  • Eliminate discoloration while making your nails healthier
  • Gives nails high endurance
  • Proven formula has been strengthening nails
  • Renew the appearance of nails discolored by a fungal infection
  • Lightens, smooths, & moisturizes nails

NailRenewal FungusTreatment Pen

Samantha’s treatment journey with our NailRenewal FungusTreatment Pen

“On the 1st day of using this product it really helps me to lessen the itchiness of my toenails. I’ve been dealing with it for almost 2 months and now I have something that can bring relief.”

“On my 4th day, the itchiness and the size of the infection greatly decreased. Whenever I’m done taking a bath, I always pump 4 times on the affected area.”

“It was so amazing, my journey with this product. The fungal infection is totally gone and it never came back any more. Thanks to this product!”

More happy customers review:

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“This stuff is amazing I have the worst nails and so quick broke until when I started to use this product this is help full and amazing, I order already 2 times my nails grow so quickly and much better and harder now you definitely need to get it and try just amazing”—Michelle Brown—Dallas, Texas
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“I had a damaged fingernail from a crush injury and figured I’d try this product. I used it daily for a week and a half and started to see an improvement so I continued and I’m happy to say that my nail now looks great. Great product!”—Melissa Thompson—Seattle, Washington
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