Nail Repair Protection Gel


Nail Repair Protection Gel
Nail Repair Protection Gel


No more painful Cracked & Broken nail with this Instant Nail Repair Protect Gel!

This Repair Gel can instantly repair and fill in any cracks while providing natural-looking protective layer on damaged nails and adding a nice shiny finish to it!

It also BINDS & PROTECTS the weak cracked or broken spot to HASTEN NAIL REPAIR.

Intact nails also mean ZERO BACTERIAL INFECTION at the nail beds. To use, just brush over damaged area & dry. It’s quick drying and won’t interfere with nail polish color!


  • Instant Nail Repair. This instantly repair damaged nails and effectively adds a protective layer that enables your nails to heal faster.
  • Strengthens your Nails.  The gel strengthens your nails by providing an extra layer that ensures your nail experiences no further injuries.
  • Long Lasting Result. Last up to 2 months with proper care, provide enough time for your nail to regrow.
  • Easy Application. Simply spot a broken nail. Gently apply the gel. Once the gel is applied, slowly place the broken nail and wait for a few minutes!
  • Anti-bacterial Nail Gel. Prevents the spread of bacterial infection by sealing any cracks.
  • Safe to Use. Made from environmentally friendly products that are harmless to both the skin and nails.
  • A Nail Gel for Everyone. Suitable for natural nails, UV gel nails, acrylic nails, etc. Feel free to apply nail polish, soak off gel polish and even 3D nail decoration after repair.

How to Apply:

  1. Apply repair gel evenly to the nail surface where it is broken.
  2. Let it stay and dry for around 5 minutes.
  3. Shape nails and buff nail surface for a smooth finish. (Optional)
  4. Apply top coat. (Optional)
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