Nail-free Adjustable Rod Bracket Holders


Drill-Free Curtain Rod Bracket Holder
Nail-free Adjustable Rod Bracket Holders

Be Creative with your Curtains, tapestry and more

Nail-free Adjustable Rod Bracket Holders

Adjustable Grip:
High flexibility and versatile for unlimited usage. Adjust these Drill-Free Curtain Holder to perfectly hang your curtain rod in any length.

Nail-free Adjustable Rod Bracket Holders

This Drill-Free Curtain Rod Bracket Holder enable super secure seamless installation, requiring no drills or nails to hold the rod for organizing your place.

Nail-free Adjustable Rod Bracket Holders

It comes in two for one pack. Made of high-quality material. It can be used as a bracket rail to hang your curtains and more.

Nail-free Adjustable Rod Bracket Holders
Stick-On Surface:
This Drill-Free Curtain Rod Bracket Holder can make a fast installation to have your towel hanging in your bathroom. You don’t need to drill to have a towel holder, just stick on the surface.

Add Curtains to your Cabinets:
The Drill-free Adjustable Rod Bracket Holder enables your imagination to create a curtain cabinet to your kitchen.

Conceal Creatively:
Suitable for concealing surfaces furniture, household appliances, glass, and tiles. Making your area more organized and neat.

Holding Power:
This Drill-Free Curtain Rod bracket Holder is strong and durable. 100% made of high-quality materials. It can hold up to 8kg. that redefines your living room.


Easy Installation and Removal:
Because of its self-adhesive feature, it can be stick directly or you can nail/screw it directly to the wall to bear more heavyweight. It can easily be taken down when not in use.


  • Self-adhesive brackets to securely hold rods
  • Strong holding power up to 8kg
  • Easy installation with no drilling or damage to walls
  • Water repellent, anti-rust and durable
  • High compatibility on any smooth surface

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