Multifunctional Tool Box


Multifunctional Tool Box
Multifunctional Tool Box



* Multi-function ratchet wrench, screwdriver, can change at will to adapt to more occasions.

* 24Pcs Industrial grade S2 chrome molybdenum alloy steel screwdriver heads, with continuous heat treatment process. Assisted high precision CNC integrated molding, carburizing thermal refining, industrial grade service life, hard but not brittle, full of toughness.

* 5 categories of screwdriver heads, meet the needs of professional use, home life, work, DIY, maintenance.

* 6.2 degree ratchet labor-saving design, 58 tooth positive and negative turn ratchet structure, save 80% effort

* Household furniture – ratchet can be used

* Home appliance riding – can use ratchet deformation

* DIY disassembly – use screwdriver

* Forging die pressed super hard aluminum alloy, ordinary steel strength, 1/2 lightweight weight

* Comfortable feel, long hold not tired

* Easily recognizable color ring design, the access to the screwdriver heads is clear

Multifunctional Tool Box

Brand DUKA (From Xiaomi Youpin)
Model RS1
Product name AtuMan Duka RS1 multi-purpose ratchet set
Screwdriver heads quantity 24Pcs, 5 category of screwdriver heads
Handle material 6063 forged aluminum alloy (handle body) 5030 alloy steel (gear, etc.)
Screwdriver heads material S2 chrome molybdenum alloy steel
Shell material ABS PP
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