Mintiml Magnet Drywall Cutter


Mintiml Magnet Drywall Cutter
Mintiml Magnet Drywall Cutter


  • Face it, tools are important these days. With a wrench, you can easily lock the nut; with a hammer, you can hit the nail, so are you still looking for a proper tool cutting the drywall?

  • Introducing Mintiml Magnet Drywall Cutter, a revolutionary new way to cut plasterboard safely. The unique design allows both sides of the plasterboard to be cut simultaneously, significantly reducing cutting time, while the blade cartridge system helps keep the user from harm.

  • Mintiml Magnet Drywall Cutter consists of two parts, an upper and a lower, which are held together by a strong magnetic force and are separated by collapsible legs.


  • A Hand-tool For Do-it-Yourself
    Determine your measurement, then transfer Mintiml Magnet Drywall Cutter to your drywall, let’s make drywall cutting work easier; Mintiml Magnet Drywall Cutter is ideal for cutting the drywall as well as floor tile, ceiling tile. A must-have drywall cutter tools collection for you to improve your work efficiency.

  • Magnet Hand Push
    Mintiml Magnet Drywall Cutter consists of two parts, upper and lower, in each one is a very strong magnet, by means of which they are held together. In the center of each is located on the cartridge with a removable blade, clean cutting without dust, or rough edges.
  • Twin Cutting Blades Cut Simultaneously
    Rare-earth magnets pull the halves toward each other while hinged plastic tabs keep the two halves apart—just enough room to slide the tool onto a sheet of drywall. Two magnetic halves mirror each other cutting both sides of the drywall at the same time, cuts curves arches, and odd shapes fast and neat.

  • Cuts Any Shape Lines In Seconds
    Mintiml Magnet Drywall Cutter works with 1/2” or 5/8” board, it allows any cut lines in a sheet of plasterboard simultaneously from two sides without restrictions, it can cut 90-degree corners in one pass and can also cut curves, corners, shapes, and straight lines with ease.
  • Saves Your Time and Energy
    With built-in magnetic and utility blades allow you to get professional results in less time. Double handle design makes cutting safer, labor-saving, convenient, and comfortable. Cutting clean, no burrs, and no dust. No more messy cutting lines, and no more need for straight edges!
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