Magnetic Swiveling Bit Tip Holder


    Magnetic Swiveling Bit Tip Holder

    Magnetic Swiveling Bit Tip Holder

    The magnetic swiveling bit tip holder has a swiveling ball head for installing screws with a portable electric drill even in inaccessible places where the drill chuck of the machine would be an obstacle. It can be swiveled up to 20 degrees to drive either straight or at an angle. Fits perfectly in tight spaces and corners.


    • Swiveling drill
      Equipped with a locking collar that allows a bend of up to 20 degrees for straight or inclined driving. Effectively prevents breakage.

                    Magnetic Swiveling Bit Tip Holder

    • No more restriction
      Can be swiveled perfectly for tight spaces and corners.

    Magnetic Swiveling Bit Tip Holder

    • Magnetic lock
      Equipped with a strong neodymium permanent magnet to hold the fastening elements in place – minimizes falling and reduces wobbling! Simply slide the sleeve forward to loosen the bit.

    Magnetic Swiveling Bit Tip Holder

    • High quality material
      Made of Chrome vanadium steel for maximum strength and flexibility. Suitable for cordless impact tools with a torque of up to 2000 In / LBS.
    • Universal
      Designed for use in impact wrenches and wrenches. For extending all types of screwdriver bits, drills, batch heads, screwdriver heads, etc.


    • Shaft size: 1/4 “.
    • Product Size: 87 x 15mm
    • Product Weight: 56g
    • Color: silver / black
    • Material: Chrome vanadium steel

    Magnetic Swiveling Bit Tip Holder

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