Magic Self-Defense Telescopic Rod


Magic Self-Defense Telescopic Rod
Magic Self-Defense Telescopic Rod


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  • Steel material can be stretched and stretched at the touch of a button, and can be used as an eye-catching toy.
  • The large elastic shape is a stick that can be used for self-defense when it is dangerous.
  • Beautiful and meticulous appearance, compact and retractable, it can be carried in a backpack.
  • Safety lock, don’t worry about being accidentally injured.
  • The pop-up speed is fast, and the instantaneous sound is strong and powerful.
  • ¬†Professional quality, light weight. Handmade high quality production.
  • ¬†Instant recovery.
  • The spring head can be used with magical performances such as scarves and bullets.
  • Long-lasting high-brightness paint.

How to use:

  • Hide the telescopic magic wand in the palm of your hand first.
  • Press the thumb firmly and the buckle will automatically pop open.
  • Keep your fingers away from your body and the bullet will bounce off instantly. Grab the stick again with your hand.

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