Magic Cube And Fidget Spinner


    Magic Cube And Fidget Spinner


    • Production of environmentally friendly ABS raw materials

    This product uses high-quality ABS raw materials, bright colors, gorgeous appearance, raw materials. The finished product is smooth and odorless.

    • Creative space linkage design

    Originally produced by the designer team, carefully designed 4-story 6-pillar linkage space, a total of 18 color rollers. Beads, rotating one layer to link multiple layers, is very challenging.

    • Can be used as a Fidget spinner

    Press the top and bottom to move it. You can rotate and move the muscles and bones of the palm to exercise the flexibility of the fingers.

    • The product contains a lanyard

    The gift lanyard can be used as an accessory pendant, and it is also convenient to store without taking up desktop space.


    1. Move a small ball of any color to the upper vacant position, and then keep it still. After disturbing the color positions of other balls, restore them.
    2. Turn the module to move and replace beads of different colors. Module 1.2 can be linked. You can also press the middle axis with your fingers, and the module 1.2.3 will be linked together. Module 3 can be rotated independently. Module 3.4.5 can be linked. Module 4.5 can be linked.
    3. Practice and find out the rules of Rubik’s Cube reduction. Through memory and spatial imagination, put the beads in the 6 vertical grooves at the fastest speed. The color is uniform.
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