LipomaOut™ Neck EMS Ultrasonic Massager


LipomaOut™ Neck EMS Ultrasonic Massager
LipomaOut™ Neck EMS Ultrasonic Massager

Christina Callaway shared her experience and amazing result

LipomaOut™ Neck EMS Ultrasonic Massager

“My neck lipoma has been bothering me for more than a year, and it is exceedingly bothersome. I have fluid retention, which is what causes the bloating on my body. Then I found this Massager. I use the regular usage, the discomfort and lumps have significantly decreased. I’ve been using this constantly, and I can tell that it is incredibly effective reduced its size compare before using this.”

LipomaOut™ Neck EMS Ultrasonic Massager

LipomaOut™ Neck EMS Ultrasonic Massager

The LipomaOut™ Neck EMS Ultrasonic Massager is made using ultrasonic acupuncture-type stimulation that uses an electric pulse to alleviate body lipoma, avoid lymph node obstructions, improve blood circulation, and lessen the possibility of lipoma renewal.

What is Lipoma?

A lump of tissue with a round or oval form that develops immediately beneath the skin is called a lipoma. It is formed of fat, moves readily when touched, and often doesn’t hurt. Lipomas can develop anywhere on the body, but the back and neck are where they most frequently occur.

LipomaOut™ Neck EMS Ultrasonic Massager

What is EMS Technology? 

The use of electrical impulses to cause neurons to contract is known as electric muscle stimulation (EMS), often referred to as neuromuscular electric stimulation (NMES). The impulses cause the veins and nerves to constrict by simulating the central nervous system’s action potential. EMS has been shown to be a very effective preventative strategy for controlling bodily circulations.

LipomaOut™ Neck EMS Ultrasonic Massager

How does LipomaOut™ Neck EMS Ultrasonic Massager works?

LipomaOut™ Neck EMS Ultrasonic Massager

Low-frequency (25–50 kHz) ultrasonic vibrations create tiny bubbles in the fatty tissue, causing the pulse technology effect. The fatty cells are damaged as the bubbles enlarge, rupture, and expand again.

Ultrasonic waves selectively break down the fat during the operation while sparing the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue any harm. Deep fat layers are broken up, the body is shaped, and skin firmness and suppleness are improved. Additionally, the ideal mix of ultrasound and vacuum may activate the lymphatic system, enhance toxin and lymphatic evacuation, and restore blood and microcirculation.

Promote Blood Circulation

Lipomas have been discovered to symptomatically obstruct venous flow by squeezing veins. Sends tiny pulses into your neck to activate the muscles and enhance blood flow, which reduces swelling. LipomaOut™ Neck EMS Ultrasonic Massager helps people with clogged veins have better blood flow. It helps to improve circulation and reduce vein pressure.

LipomaOut™ Neck EMS Ultrasonic Massager facilitates circulation because the pressure created by the massage technique actually moves blood through the congested areas. The release of this same pressure causes new blood to flow in.

What makes LipomaOut™ Neck EMS Ultrasonic Massager Special?

  • Reduces inflammation in benign lipomas without any discomfort and works from the inside out.
  • Tiny pulses across your neck, stimulating the muscles to promote better blood flow and reduce lipoma.
  • Significantly reduces inflammation, gets rid of skin-deep tumors, fibroids, and lipomas, as well as the discomfort they produce.
  • By focusing on your natural acupressure points, this technique targets the neck to relieve stress, discomfort, and chronic fatigue.
  • Combats the build-up of obstructions in your lymphatic system.
  • This is compact and handy and can be carried anywhere to provide instant relief.

Here are some of our happy customers

I’ve been using the Massager on my swelling/lipoma for months, and it is by far the finest massage I’ve ever had. It was able to eliminate some of it and reduce its size. I’m really happy with this massager device and want to keep using it till my body is in good condition.” Tery Ludracris

“It’s great to have this Massager since, in addition to being simple to use, it also reduces the lipoma on my neck and causes it to go away in just a few weeks of wearing it. I have no excuse for not using the massager every day because I can use them anyplace and they are convenient to carry along. Additionally, it aids in the removal of toxins from my body.” Quennie Hawk

LipomaOut™ Neck EMS Ultrasonic Massager

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