JulyStar Highlighter Powder Stick Makeup


JulyStar Highlighter Powder Stick Makeup
JulyStar Highlighter Powder Stick Makeup

This is 2022 the latest highlight puff stick, Fairy Stick, JulyStar a Tiktok latest trend shimming cosmetics.is common to the face and body that can strength your makeup,makes skin blingbling

JulyStar Highlighter Powder Stick Makeup

The texture of mashed potatoes, super Q bomb, does not fly powder.that adhere to the skin, providing long wear and colour that stays true all day! Its creamy texture allows it to blend evenly with the skin without flying powder, making the makeup more exquisite.

JulyStar Highlighter Powder Stick Makeup

Name:JulyStar Highlighter Powder Stick Makeup
Size:13.7 * 3.5 * 2.1cm
Net content:10g
Suitable for all skin types

1.Small and light,it’s easy to use and carry.
2.Light and transparent texture,fits the skin.
3.Brighten skin tone and make makeup more beautiful.
4.The ingredients are safe and healthy,making it an ideal beauty product.
5.High-gloss powder can be used on the face to make the face shine.
6.Delicate and silky texture,light and powdery,easy to apply,create an long-lasting ultra-shimmer makeup effect.
7.Oil-control,Concealer,Easy to Wear,Long-lasting,Brighten,leave your skin silky smooth and moisturised.
8.Available in 3 shades,you to choose the corresponding according your favor,pair with different iridescent shades to give you a beautiful hazy glow.

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