IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper


IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper
IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper

Alessia Roldan from Brooklyn, New York, told us about how she used our IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper and the results it produced.

“After just a few weeks of using this shaper, I was able to get the trim and toned body I’d always wanted! This product really helped me burn off fat and shed my excess weight! I feel so much lighter and so much better!”

 IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper

Sherryl Wilson, from Reno, Nevada, has tried our IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper, and here’s what she had to say about it:

“I absolutely love this shaper! I wore it for a couple of weeks, and now my body is much more toned while my weight has dropped considerably. It’s the best thing I’ve bought this year, and I highly recommend it to all my friends!”

IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper

Why does Fat Get Stored in the Belly Faster?

Women often notice a weight gain in their bellies when they get older, even if they aren’t gaining weight. This can be caused by poor circulation and a slower metabolism. Poor digestion, poor circulation, and slower metabolism can all cause fat to be stored in the belly. When your organs aren’t functioning at their optimal levels, it slows down calorie burn and weight loss, which results in more fat deposits in your belly.

IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper  IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper

The Role of IONs in Weight Loss

Ions, when they are applied to the body through a water ionizer, do an incredible job of improving the body’s blood flow and circulation. They provide the whole body and all the organs with the oxygen and nutrients they need to function at their best. They also help boost and better the body’s digestive function. This allows the body to burn calories faster, break them down efficiently, and convert them into usable energy that we can use to work out and exercise. Further increasing the rate at which we lose weight.

What does the IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper do, and how does it work?

Our IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper is laced with a comfortable fiber that emits IONs to help you lose weight all over your body. The fiber also has body-forming properties that help you get the perfect shape you want for your body without much effort!

IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper

Get Rid of Belly Fat and Lift Your Hips with IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper!

The Seamless One-Piece Compression body-forming features of our shaper, coupled with the IONs radiated by the Unique Fiber, will help you lose weight and burn fat. This is possible because of the concentration of IONS around your waist that targets belly fat and the shaping properties of the compression fit in our shaper.

IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper

Anti-Bacterial Properties Keep Your Intimate Areas Clean!

Our shaper also features anti-bacterial technology, which helps prevent bacteria from entering your private parts. This inhibits the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, helping to prevent infections and other hygiene issues in your intimate areas.

IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper

What Makes IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper the Perfect Solution?

  • It has an effecting slimming and firming effect
  • Helps plump and firm skin.
  • Make your abdomen smooth and slim
  • Visibly reduce waistline and butt flatting instantly create a curve body
  • Giving you a comfortable body-shaping experience
  • Tighten your bottom and lift your butt instantly
  • Make your butts look bigger, sexier, and more beautiful
  • Effectively sculpts your body from your waist down to your tummy and thighs

IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper

Let’s See How Denise Completely Gets Rid of Her Stubborn fat in Only 6 Weeks:

“This is taken in the first week I used the shaper. I felt lighter and less bloated and was also more ‘regular’ in the bathroom. I had been having really bad bathroom problems before this. I felt more energetic which made me start exercising and I felt really good too! I could really feel like I was getting a full detox, and I also lost a bit of weight in that short period.”


“After 6 weeks of use is where I really saw an incredible change! The blood circulation along the nerves had improved its flow and it made my discomfort much less! I felt healthier, and my size was reduced ! It’s really amazing how crazy the difference is!”
IONICS UniqueFiber SlimTech Shaper
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