Instantly Plump Lip Balm


    Instantly Plump Lip Balm
    Instantly Plump Lip Balm

    Keep your lips pink n’ plump with the Instantly Plump Lip Balm!

    💄#1 Best Lip Plumper in 2023 💋Instantly Plump Lip Balm

    Enhance your pout with a swipe of Instantly Plump Lip Balm, an innovative gloss formula that combines extreme lip-plumping active ingredients to instantly plump & define.

    • Repairs the look of dry, damaged lips
    • Intensely nourishes for 24 hours
    • Enhances volume for fuller-looking lips

    Instantly Plump Lip Balm

    The ultra-nourishing formula acts as a soothing balm, sinking in to remove dry flakes, and enhances volume for a plumping effect, providing a visibly fuller, healthier look

    • Gives a smooth and non-sticky lightweight feel to lips for comfortability.
    • Infused with nourishing Vitamin E and Plump
    • Delivers an addictive tingling sensation
    • Volumizes, hydrates and stimulates lips with collagen-boosting ingredients to provide long term benefits.

    Instantly Plump Lip Balm

    • ❤️ Powered by a concoction of natural ingredients like  citric acid, hyaluronic acid, etc

    • ❤️ No more cracking/ dryness
    • ❤️ Watch your lips go from dull and crapped to glowing a beautiful and healthy pink.

     Instantly Plump Lip Balm

    The Instantly Plump Lip Balm is made from all-natural ingredients such as: 

    Pumpkin Seed Oil – provides an ample layer of moisturization and reduces dryness on your lips.

    Citric Acid – an exfoliator that peels dead and dry layers of skin cells, revealing healthier skin underneath.

    Beeswax – an anti-inflammatory agent as well as a barrier-reparatory agent that protects your lips from damage, especially in windy and cold conditions.

    Hyaluronic Acid – increases collagen production which keeps your skin cells healthy and brightens your lips. 

    Instantly Plump Lip Balm


    • All Natural – An organic all-natural vegan lip balm that expertly and gently rejuvenates your lips back to life.
    • Plumping – Rejuvenate skin cells which makes your thin lips become more plump and round! 
    • Moisturizing and Hydrating- Provides moisture to your lips but also locks moisture to prevent drying.
    • Exfoliating– Contains mild exfoliating ingredients such as Citric Acid that sheds dead skin cells and dirt from your lips, thus giving way for newer and fresher skin underneath.
    • Brightening– Watch your lips glow from a dull matted color to a plumpy and healthy pink!
    • For all skin type

    Instantly Plump Lip Balm

    How to Use

    • Glide the roller on your lip
    • Use anytime
    • Store in a cool and dry place
    • For external use only.

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