Heavy Duty Load Foot

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Heavy Duty Load Foot
Heavy Duty Load Foot

Have stability from the uneven floor, ground, or unbalanced dimensions, a lipped mounting bracket leveler that works to lift and support, introducing the all-new Heavy-Duty Load Foot.

It adjusts the equipment and levels its height to achieve the perfect balanceeliminating sagging, and height inconsistency.

Perfect for cabinets, tables, shelves, and more! Quick and easy to set up, simply install the components into the side legs of your equipment, once attached simply adjust to your desire height!


Offers Stability
L-shaped mounting bracket made from a heavy gauge. Plated steel that hooks onto the bottom edges of your cabinet for better support and stability.
Heavy Duty Load Foot
Adjustable legs allow you to adjust from 0″ to 2″ in height. Providing a load capacity of approximately 600 lbs. by using all four levelers.Heavy Duty Load FootHeavy Duty Load Foot
Lucent Feet Cover
Feet cover will protect your floor and block any moisture from getting to the feet. No more rust spots left on the floor surface. Lucent feet cover for future change and longer use.Heavy Duty Load Foot
Great for shelving units, table, cabinets, furniture legs, and a whole lot more.Heavy Duty Load FootHeavy Duty Load Foot

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