GNACODES Liquid Insulation Tape


    GNACODES Liquid Insulation Tape
    GNACODES Liquid Insulation Tape

    GNACODES Liquid Insulation Tape

    GNACODES Liquid Insulation Tape

    GNACODES Liquid Insulation Tape

    Main Features

    • 【INSULATION AND SEALING】The liquid tape has stronger sealing performance, which keeps the wires in an insulated state, prevents leakage and protects personal safety.
    • 【DURABLE AND HIGH TOUGHNESS】In the case of the same capacity, the insulating glue in liquid form is more durable. The liquid form is easy to stretch and has better shareability.
    • 【EASY TO USE】There is no need to cut or paste, just apply liquid glue to the place that needs to be repaired, and then leave it for four hours to complete the repair.
    • 【WIDE RANGE OF USE】Such a small bottle of glue can be used for various tasks such as wire bonding, thread fixing, circuit boards, semiconductor materials, car wiring, and circuit decoration.
    • 【NO DETERIORATION AND NO OXIDATION】The insulating glue covering the surface of the object is not easy to oxidize and deteriorate, so there will be no need to cover the glue multiple times.
    • 【APPLICABLE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR】The insulating glue is resistant to high and low temperatures, and the working temperature is between -30℃ and 300℃, which can adapt to most working environments.

    Usage Scenarios

    • Used in the bonding of electronic components, electrical equipment, sealing semiconductor materials, electric heaters, electronic meters, etc.

    GNACODES Liquid Insulation Tape

    Using Methods

    GNACODES Liquid Insulation Tape




    • Glue

    Glue color

    • Black, white


    • 13 × 8 × 9cm / 5.1 × 3.1 × 3.5inches


    • 30ML

    Shelf life

    • Unopened for 2 years

    Package Contents

    • Liquid Insulation Tape


    1. For best results, please avoid direct sunlight, high humidity, or windy environment. 2. Please comply with the local electrical regulations when repairing electrical appliances.

    3. Disconnect power before application

    4. Make sure the surface is clean and dry.

    5. Wrap liquid tape around the connection or maintenance area to completely cover the repair area to achieve air and water tightness.

    6. There should be at least 10 minutes between the two covers, and it is recommended to have at least 2 layers.

    7. Please wait at least four hours for drying before use.

    8. Before restoring the power supply, let the liquid electrical tape completely dry.

    GNACODES Liquid Insulation TapeGNACODES Liquid Insulation TapeGNACODES Liquid Insulation Tape

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