GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet


GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet
GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet
 See real results from our GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet Customers.
GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet
“I’ve been struggling with obesity for the last few years. It’s made me feel like a bad person, and it’s taken a toll on my health. And then I found out about GETOX.
I was skeptical at first—but after three weeks of wearing this bracelet every day, I started to notice that my clothes were getting looser! And then I realized: the bracelet was working its magic! I’m so thankful for GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet, because it helped me lose weight and feel better about myself. Now, instead of hiding in the back of photos (like I used to), I can stand front and center—and even ask people if they want their picture taken with me!
Leon Alvarado

Seattle, United States

GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet

If you’re obesity person, you know how hard it is to lose weight and we need to spend more money on the medical bills.. I was always trying to find ways to losing weight, but nothing seemed to work. One day, I came across to “GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet” that said “Buy me, and you’ll lose weight.” I laughed at first—but then I realized that there was no way it could be true! After all, how could a bracelet really help you lose weight? Once I put it on, I felt different: lighter somehow. Like my body didn’t feel as heavy anymore. After eight weeks of wearing the GETOX bracelet, I was down 78lbs If you’re struggling with your weight like I did, don’t wait another minute—get yours today!

Jeffery Hall
Denver, Ohio


The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory and immune systems and comprises a network of lymphatic vessels that carry a clear liquid called lymph to the heart.

GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet
And these lymphatic vessels act as a giant drainage system for the body that needs to stay clear for it to work properly. Just like in your home if the drains are clogged in your toilet or sink, you can’t get rid of waste effectively-the same is true for your body. Stagnant lymph flow leads to waste and toxin buildup, weakening immunity and leading to a wide variety of health issues.


MagnesiumION found in the 1980s with Michael Roy Davis, PhD, who studied the different effects that magnetic charges have on human biology. Davis claimed that MagnesiumION energy could kill malignant cells, maintain normal nerve and muscle function, and supports a healthy immune system and helps bones remain strong.

GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet


A total of 79 patients affected by lymphedema in stages II and III were treated. After therapy, a significant decrease in limb circumference measurements was noted, and an improvement in quality of life was registered. Laboratory examination showed the treatment decreased the deposition of fluid, fat, and protein, improving the swelling condition. It reduce the symptoms associated with an overworked lymphatic syste. The researchers believe Magnesium ION could be considered as both an alternative monotherapy and a useful adjunctive to conservative or surgical lymphedema procedures.

GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet


In 2020, the founder of GETOX Willbert Gardner has thought about incorporating the MagnesiumION into accessories to improve the convenience and accessibility of the said therapy. He investigated a number of method and finally create a new technology that had not existed before: Alternating the north-south polarity orientation of the MagnesiumION. This allows MagnesiumION continuously spread the effects across a wide surface, leading to improve blood circulation, improve metabolism, and enhance masculine energy.

GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet

Typical magnetic products either use magnets with minimal magnetic field penetration or cause like poles to repel, creating a dead zone between the magnets. GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet uses an Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation to maximize the Magnesium field flow also release the electromagnetic charge to offer for remove blockages around the body and restore a natural flow of energy.

GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet

  • Powerful MagnesiumION than other brand
  • Effective Body Detoxification
  • Reduce 85% of excess Lymph Fluid in 3 Months
  • Unclog Bloodstream and Lymph Nodes
  • Accelerate Metabolism
  • Natural solution for lymphatic drainage and weight loss
  • Provides a glamorous design that is guaranteed to go well perfectly

Check out Brian Bowman 8-week weight loss journey

“I want to share my experience with the GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet. I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. At first, I tried all kinds of diets and exercise programs, but nothing worked. Then my friend told me about GETOX. My first thought was that it sounded like some kind of scam or magic trick—how could a bracelet help me lose weight? But then he told me about how it worked: by helping you focus on your body’s internal systems and bring them into balance. I started wearing GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet and it changed my life!

GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet

“My first week was amazing! I lost 10 pounds already. It was like the weight melted off me as soon as I put on GETOX Bracelet. It’s crazy how much difference it can make in your life when you feel good about yourself.

“I’ve been wearing my bracelet for four weeks now and have lost 34 pounds! I feel like a brand-new person—and not just because of the way my clothes fit better! My energy levels are higher than ever before, and I’m more productive at work and home than ever before. Every day feels like an adventure because there are so many new things to try with all this extra energy!”

“Now that eight weeks have passed since starting my journey with GETOX, I am thrilled to say that I’ve lost 67 pounds total—and have gained so much confidence in myself along the way! GETOX Bracelet is amazing! It helps me stay focused on my goals when I start to get discouraged or want to give up. It reminds me that there is always hope for change in my life if I just keep pushing through it. Thanks to GETOX!”

Brian Bowman
Coventry, United Kingdom

GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet
“I feel like I’m finally happy and confident with myself and my body! I had slow metabolism before I wore this ring, I know surgery isn’t the best choice for me, so I tried GETOX Manesium Braided Bracelet. My tummy is gone after 8 weeks! If you’re struggling with fluid retention, puffiness, or weight loss, try this bracelet!”

Arturo Smith
Adelaide, Australia

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