FUNArtz Rainbow Rope Painting Kit

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FUNArtz Rainbow Rope Painting Kit
FUNArtz Rainbow Rope Painting Kit


Let kids have fun creating 3D String Art with this Rainbow Rope Painting Kit!

Develop the Picasso in your Child
Create amazing artworks in a myriad of colors with this paper rope! Bring to life the included 8 art templates to choose from or create your own!

Use these threads in creating various items and accessories like baskets, bracelets, jewelry And more! Use them for decoration and even packaging! Tie them around bottles and jars for decoration or you can use them for tying flower bouquets! Kids can use these colorful ropes for various arts and craft school projects too!

ALL-in-ONE String Art Kit
This includes everything you need to create sweet scenes! It includes 8 pieces Modeling Cards, 3 pieces Bamboo Sticks, a Bottle of Special Glue, and a piece of 60m Paper.

100% Safe, Eco-Friendly, & Non-Toxic
These ropes are made by twisting paper threads together! Super convenient and safe!

Super Easy to Use
Choose the pattern you want, start gluing them ropes & bring those pictures to life!

Create amazing artwork with multi-colored ropes NOW!

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