Free Quilting Presser Foot Set


Free Quilting Presser Foot Set
Free Quilting Presser Foot Set

Quilting is a fun and practical way to pass time and the best thing is you can be as creative as you like, and you will finish with a freshly-sewn blanket with delicate details on it. But most quilters nowadays use machine quilting as their primary quilting method since they can choose from many options, from intricate designs to straight machine quilting stitches. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to create these patterns, luckily, you don’t need to buy yourself a quilting machine to do so. You only need the Free Quilting Presser Foot Set  at home!

  • CREATIVE QUILTING – Allows you to design beautiful patterns including crescents, flowers, stars, spirals, waves, circles, curves, angles, one-patch shapes, applique, and more so you can freely express your creativity on fabrics since there is no limit to what you can design!

  • CLEAR MARKS – The template come with clear markings and fixed shapes or angles which help keep it in place and help you be guided while sewing so you can create accurate and symmetrical patterns.

  • COST-EFFECTIVE – With its uncomplicated design, it can be used on most of the domestic sewing machines so you no longer need to invest in an expensive long arm machine just so you could create quilt patterns.

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – The templates are constructed from high-quality and durable materials that won’t easily bend or break, offers good hold, and is smooth to the touch. The foot press is made with stainless steel that is strong enough to withstand multiple use, both making sewing more pleasant and convenient for years.

  • GREAT GIFT IDEA – Can be a great gift idea for students, tailors, designers and pattern makers who love to do needlework, embroidery, quilting and patch working.

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