Free Adjustable Multifunctional Animal Wall Hanger

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Free Adjustable Multifunctional Animal Wall Hanger
Free Adjustable Multifunctional Animal Wall Hanger
This animal wall hook can be installed in any place you can think of in the bathroom, kitchen and even bedroom. Flexibly organize your household items and makes life easier. 
  • IRON ADJUSTABLE SHEETS: Hooks are made from thin iron sheets. The iron sheets are adjustable and bendable depending on how bent you need the hooks. The tails of cats and dogs and the arms of pandas can be flexibly bent. You can use its curved tail to hang things like hanging keys, headbands, bracelets, headbands, wreaths, bottle openers and other small items.

  • PHONE HOLDER/STAND: Simply and quickly turn your hanger into a phone holder or phone stand. Hold your phone onto your wall for easier recipe reading. or set in on your table for watching movie.

  • SOCKET N CABLE ORGANIZER: Easily keep your sockets and cables in place with the wall hanger. Just remove the hanger, wash and re-use if you need to relocate your sockets and cables. 

  • NO DRILLING: Simply peel off the clear protective film and stick the adhesive to the wall to complete the installation. The wall must be cleaned before being applied to keep it clean and dry. Note: Please hang small items after the key hook is pasted for 30 minutes.

  • WASHABLE:  Due to its unique materials, the key holder can be reused after washing and drying.

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