FlexiCool Octopus Fan


FlexiCool Octopus Fan
FlexiCool Octopus Fan

Mounting the fan wherever you want.
FlexiCool Octopus Fan

During the hot season, having something to keep your cool is necessary. Always bring with you a portable and widely usage FlexiCool Octopus Fan.
FlexiCool Octopus Fan

The FlexiCool Octopus Fan has a flexible octopus bracket that can stand in a stable position or give a sturdy but soft grip onto any objects and leave no scratch marks. It is with 5000mAh fast-charging battery4-way mounting, and 3-speed motors that will ensure that you can stay cool and comfortable anytime and anywhere.


  • Flexible Octopus Mount:
    Bend to any angle that you want to let it grip, wrap, or stand, sturdily in anywhere.
    FlexiCool Octopus Fan
  • 4-Way Mount:
    Can stand with the three feet together, three feet separated and bent, hanging with the head on top, and hanging with the head at the bottom.
    FlexiCool Octopus Fan
  • Portable & Multipurpose:
    You can use it while exercising, camping, hiking, for your baby’s crib or stroller, and anywhere you need ventilation.
  • Soft Grip:
    Each of the three feet is encased with rubber and won’t damage the surface of the attached objects.
  • 3 Different Speed:
    It has low, medium, and high speed to match your every mood and need.
  • Long live Battery:
    Work for up to 12 hours with just 1 charge.
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