EquiTape Horse Blanket Repair Tape


EquiTape Horse Blanket Repair Tape
EquiTape Horse Blanket Repair Tape

 EquiTape™ Horse Blanket Repair Tape

Make Horse Blanket Repair Effortless!

The No-Sew Solution For Your Torn Horse Blanket Repair!

EquiTape™ Horse Blanket Repair Tape is the peel and sticks solution to your torn horse blanket. Designed to shrink your overall horse blanket budget. It is big enough to fix multiple tears and its low profile makes it hard for other horses to grab onto it with their teeth.

EquiTape™ Horse Blanket Repair Tape has a strong water resistance surface and a robust adhesive glue on the underside. Makes it perfect for repairing summer and heavy-duty winter turnout blankets.

Wide Application: EquiTape™ Horse Blanket Repair Tape can be used on a wide range of indoor and outdoor fabrics like car seats, tractor seats, tents, awnings, boat covers, umbrellas, office chairs, leather chairs, winter jackets, burn holes in fabrics, and of course horse blankets!

Machine Washable: EquiTape™ Horse Blanket Repair Tape is a permanent Peel and Stick Solution with Proven Durability!

Ultra-Durable: EquiTape™ Horse Blanket Repair Tape has been extensively farmed tested and approved. Hot and cold extreme weather tests included an application to the horse blanket during hot summer months, and to a coverall fabric equipment shed. Its low profile design makes it hardly felt off!

EquiTape Horse Blanket Repair Tape


1) measure and cut the amount of tape needed for the repair
2) cut a small section of the backing off
3) place the small section of tape (with the exposed sticky underside) on the fabric next to the tear and press it down
4) peel away the rest of the tape backing with one hand as you use the flat side of your other hand to smooth the top of the tape down.

Voila! Your horse blanket has repaired and good as new!

Effortlessly Repair Your Horse Blanket To Brand New Now With EquiTape™ Horse Blanket Repair Tape!

Get Yours Now!!!

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