Electric Flopping Fish Toy


Electric Flopping Fish Toy
Electric Flopping Fish Toy

Quite often boredom is a result of your cat not being able to exhibit normal behavior such as climbing, hunting, territory marking, or playing. The answer is to provide your cats with a toy that would make them busy all day. Only then, will your cat settle down and enjoy a proper cat-nap.

Electric Flopping Fish Toy

Electric Flopping Fish Toy is the amazing, realistic cat toy that flips, flops and wiggles, just like a real fish out of water! It’s touch activated, so when kitty makes contact, the flopping fun automatically turns on. It will keep your cat entertained all day, with hours of play.

Electric Flopping Fish Toy


The realistic, flopping movement helps promote exercise and interactive play and you can add catnip to the refillable pouch for even more feline fun. And when it’s time for a cat nap, it automatically turns off. Made of strong durable materials that are safe and non-toxic and it’s USB rechargeable. No matter your cat’s age, they’ll be as playful as a kitten with this Electric Flopping Fish Toy.



  • Enticing Design – Made of the 3D printing process, clear and realistic fish shape design that makes it more attractive to cats. 

Electric Flopping Fish Toy

  • Motion Sensor Motor – Flips, Flops and Wiggles, like a fish out of water when touched and automatically turns off once left. Realistic flopping movement helps promote exercise and fun interactive play.
  • Interactive Cat Toys – The Electric Flopping Fish Toy stimulates cats’ playful behavior. It can also be used to relieve stress, relax the cat’s emotions.

  • Perfect Size – The fish is big enough that cats can roll around and wrestle with them but light enough that they can smack them across the floor.
  • Refillable Pouch For Catnip – There’s a hidden zipper pocket so you can refill catnip if needed.
  • Completely safe – Filled with quality pp cotton and some natural catmints. Harmless and safe to your kitty.

  • Washable -The zippered cover slides off seamlessly for convenient cleaning.  Machine washable. 

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