Drywall Cutting Tool

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Drywall Cutting Tool
Drywall Cutting Tool


The new Drywall Cutting Tool makes rip cuts faster, straighter, smoother and with greater precision than any other method.

Even a drywall “rookie” can get professional quality cuts! This Tool neatly slices through both sides at once, leaving a smooth, professional edge and reducing your cutting time drastically!

And, with the easy-adjust guide-bar, you can step and repeat several scores, then break the drywall to quickly turn out dozens of precise window returns or soffits.

  • The width of the cutting board is adjusted freely by 2-60cm.
  • Double-sided blade takes shape once.
  • Environmentally friendly, clean cutting without dust.
  • Clean cut without rough edges.
  • Clamp plate wheel adopts precision bearing, which has higher precision and longer life.
  • Soft rubber wrap grip is comfortable and the operation experience is better.
  • Upgraded stainless steel support frame, lighter and easy to operate.
  • Blade is easy to buy and replace.

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