Dinosaur Eggs Dog Chew Toys


    Dinosaur Eggs Dog Chew Toys
    Dinosaur Eggs Dog Chew Toys

    1. Multifunctional dog toy: This is a multifunctional dog toy, which integrates teeth grinding, tooth cleaning, entertainment and other functions. This toy can bring multiple fun to the dog.

    2. Molar toy: the newly designed jagged molar bumps can clean the dog’s incisors teeth and molars in depth when the dog is playing with the toy, effectively remove all kinds of meal residues, dirt, etc.

    3. Tooth cleaning channel: The newly designed tooth cleaning channel, when the dog bites the toy, the dog’s teeth will enter the cleaning channel, and the vertical and horizontal grinding of the teeth can deep clean the dog’s teeth, including the roots of the teeth. You can apply pet-specific toothpaste or attractant directly on the tooth cleaning channel, which can effectively attract the dog’s interest in playing.

    4. Serrated molars with different heights and sizes: the serrated molars are distributed in different sizes, and there are 2 protrusions on the saw-toothed molars. When the dog chews this product, the molar bumps will produce greater friction on the molars, which will clean up the calculus and dirt on the molars.

    5. Easy to use: When dogs use this product, they can clean their teeth while playing to ensure the dog’s teeth are healthy every minute and every second. The toy can improve the dog’s intelligence and reduce his daily anxiety, and can also prevent the dog from destroying the family’s home, clothes, etc. at home.

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