Deep-Cleaning Washing Machine Tablet

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Deep-Cleaning Washing Machine Tablet
Deep-Cleaning Washing Machine Tablet

Did you know that your washing machine is one of the dirtiest places at your home? Accumulated dirt & odor-causing residue from the previous use may cause smelly/musty tub and allows bacterial growth. These smell and bacteria will then transfer to your clothes every washing cycle. So if you notice recently that your skin has been itchy and irritated, then it might be because of your un-cleaned washing machine. But you’ve got nothing to worry about! You can eliminate all of it with the Deep-Cleaning Washing Machine Tablet!

  • OXYGEN DECONTAMINATION – Uses active oxygen decontamination to remove 99% of bacteria, other pathogens, and keeps your machine clean and free from dirt deposits.

  • DEEP CLEANSING – Once mixed in with water, it penetrates deep into every portion of your tub even the unseen areas so as to remove stubborn and hard-to-reach dirt.

  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE – It’s especially formulated to dissolve slowly and to last throughout the entire wash cycle so you can break up residue better than bleach using one tablet only.

  • EASY USE – Simply place 1 tablet into the drum then set “clean washer” cycle to keep your machine fresher and cleaner. Recommended to use once a month.

  • WIDE USAGE – Suitable to use for cleaning septic tanks, front load washing machine, top load washing machine, and other conventional washers.

Keep your family safe from unseen bacteria in your washers and improve your machine’s function like it’s brand new with the help of the Deep-Cleaning Washing Machine Tablet!

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