CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask


    CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask
    CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask

    CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask

    Whether your skin is dull, dry, congested, or shiny, the CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask makes a great weekly treatment that works for a variety of skin types and skin woes.

    CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask

    The blue powder mask is infused with centella asiatica essence to reduce the look of large pores by extracting the dirt and grease that are clogging them up, all while nourishing the skin and amping up the hydration. Centella is known to improve the skin barrier with its moisture retention and soothing qualities, making this mask suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

    Hannah Roberts, USA

    The CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask is a nice weekly treatment for oily, congested skin. It really helps to reduce shine, smooth the skin’s surface, and clean out the pores, not to mention immediately giving the skin a lit-from-within glow. This peel-off mask feels like a spa treatment every time I use it, and I’m obsessed!

    CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask

    Maddison Ward, AU

    Using the CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask twice a week is a good way to decongest skin and give dull complexion a reset. I love it! I noticed my skin feels cleaner and looks clearer ever since I incorporated this into my weekly skincare routine. This isn’t stripping. My face never felt itchy or tight after I used it.

    Julia Atkinson, UK

    The CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask is an effective deep cleansing mask that works well on my dry, aging skin. I’ve replaced my exfoliating masks with this one because this stuff does all the work without dehydrating my skin. I love how smooth my skin looks and feels, like they are almost poreless!

    CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask

    No matter what your skin concern, the CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask is an amazing skincare product to have on hand as either a quick fix or weekly pampering ritual. With its nano mask powder formula, it gives 3x deeper and quicker absorption than the typical masks.

    Once applied, the nutrients and clarifying ingredients from the mask sink into the skin to deeply nourish, purify, and repair your damaged or tired complexion, giving your skin the instant pick-me-up it needs.

    Oily-skinned people that are prone to blemishes and congestion will benefit more from the green powder mask. This mask is infused with tea tree oil essence that deeply cleanses the skin, drawing out the dirt, debris, and excess sebum. Adding the green powder mask into your weekly routine helps reduce pore size, balance your complexion, and keep the excess shine and acne at bay.

    CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask 

    The CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask also contains hyaluronic acid that quickly penetrates the skin and infuses it with deep hydration, plumpness, and a boost of brightness. This powerful hydrator locks in the moisture, so the mask won’t leave your skin feeling tight, stripped, and itchy after use.

    With the CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask, you can choose a formulation that aligns with your skin’s needs!

    CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask

    Product Features:

    • Formulated to absorb the skin 3x deeper and faster than the regular masks to unveil an instantly glowy, balanced, and cleaner complexion
    • Blue powder mask with aloe vera extract infuses skin with hydration and moisture
    • Reverses skin damage caused by free radicals
    • Nourishes and brightens dull complexion
    • Green powder mask with tea tree oil essence deeply cleanses and shrinks pores
    • Minimizes breakouts, blackheads, and texture
    • Provides excellent oil control while keeping the skin balanced

    Tea tree oil is known for its ability to purify the pores, heal acne, and even diminish the look of scars while aloe vera has excellent calming properties that maintain a healthy skin barrier. I would recommend the CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask if you have any of those skin conditions.” – Isla Martin, beauty editor

    Isabelle Cunningham shares her skincare experience with the CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask.

    I have oily, sensitive skin that is prone to pimples and dehydration. So, you can just imagine how tricky it is to find a balance when looking for a skincare product. I bought CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask (both the blue and green) so I could alternately use it depending on my skin’s current needs.

    I decided to try the blue one first since my skin has been looking really ashy and feeling itchy, and it did not disappoint! After peeling and rinsing the mask off, my skin immediately felt soft, calm, and hydrated.

    A huge zit popped up on my forehead right before my period. So, I opted for the green mask, and I was blown away! I used it before bedtime and woke up to a pimple that was almost dried up. And I really loved how clean my skin felt after use.

    CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask

    Definitely buying a bunch of these powder masks! This has quickly become a favorite because both masks don’t leave my skin stripped and irritated. It really does what it promises to do! The CUBE ME™ Spa Powder Mask is absolutely a must-have in my skincare routine.

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