CraftyResin™ Reflective Transfer Foils (Set of 10)


CraftyResin™ Reflective Transfer Foils
CraftyResin™ Reflective Transfer Foils (Set of 10)

Embellish Resin with Holographic Effect 

CraftyResin™ Reflective Transfer Foils is the easiest way to add various patterns to your resin project, whether it’s a sign, signet ring, or another wearable piece. It can be used on glass, metal, ceramic, and more. Layer your resin craft to create a shimmery shattered glass look! The segments of the foil reflect light-like facets on gemstone; different colors appear at different angles under lights.


Various Theme Design

It comes with a variety of patterns, and a colorful colors and a mysterious and charming feeling will add a personal charm to your resin. The transfer foil set is a combination of various theme designs that allows you to design your resin freely.


1. Apply a thin layer of glue onto the surface of your resin craft.
2. Cut the transfer foil into desired size & shape, place it onto the resin craft and press it repeatedly.
3. Recommended to apply a topcoat over resin craft for longer-lasting.

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