Comfortleg EMS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager


    Comfortleg EMS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager
    Comfortleg EMS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager

    Wilbert Wilson shares her amazing result after a month of using EMS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager!

    Comfortleg EMS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager

    “I have circulation issues and pains in my legs. Today I decided to open my package and give these leg massager a try. Let me tell you I immediately felt like a new woman. Swelling has gone down and being that it was first time using it I am amazed on how I can walk without dragging my leg as I usually do. I am fully confident that with continual usage that I will definitely be getting better results.”

    Achieved Slim and Toned Legs!

    With the EMS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager, you may have gorgeously shaped legs and get rid of cellulite and lymphatic edema in the convenience of your own home without spending a fortune on pricey treatments or creams!

    Comfortleg EMS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager

    What is EMS and How it works?

    The use of electrical impulses to cause muscle contractions is known as electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), sometimes known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) or electromyostimulation. Applying an electrical current is supposed to enhance collagen synthesis through deep layer massage, which can help tighten and firm the skin and reduce the look of swollen skin.

    Comfortleg EMS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager

    3 Color use modes + Vibration

    • Green Mode: Improves the lymphatic circulation system and activates the function of lymph to bring excess water back to the blood vessels.
    • Red Mode: Increase blood circulation eliminate blockage on the veins.
    • Blue Mode: Emits low-level laser energy, which generates chemical signals in fat cells to break down stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol and release them through channels in the cell membrane.

    EMS Green Mode:  Improve Lymphatic Circulation

    Lymphedema is a disorder in which lymph accumulates in the interstitial spaces due to poor lymphatic flow of the lymphatic vessels. The EMS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager uses a special technology that can convert electrical energy into heat energy that penetrates your skin and accelerate the burning process.

    Comfortleg EMS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager

    EMS Red Mode: Increase Blood Circulation

    The blood flow rate increases when peripheral blood circulation is improved. The high rate of oscillation causes an increase in blood flow and circulation, which nourishes and regenerates the skin’s surface cells. By enhancing oxygenation, high frequency enhances the skin’s overall tone and texture.

    Comfortleg EMS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager

    EMS Blue Mode: Eliminate Varicose Veins

    Release the pulling microcurrent force from outside the contact site to lessen the unpleasant look of stretch marks and cellulites while also providing good skin tightening results.

    Comfortleg EMS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager

    Why EMS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager Effective?

    Our legs and feet constantly feel quite fatigued and even painful, regardless of whether young people work in an office, athletes finish their workouts, or the elderly rest at home. This MS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager can help you every day by safely and effectively reducing tiredness and discomfort while enhancing blood circulation.

    It also lessens discomfort and soreness in the legs and feet and helps with edema, tension, varicose veins, and restless leg syndrome.

    Additionally, it helps relaxation for people who finish a workout/training, gym, triathlon, cycling, biking, dancing, climbing and Yoga. Fast Recovery for All.

    Comfortleg EMS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager

    Comfortleg EMS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager

    Here are some of our satisfied customers!

    “Here is my feet/leg condition. I’ve been suffering from leg edema and it hurts so bad especially at work. Gladly i found this EMS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager and after weeks of using I felt huge difference on my legs. My legs now are back to normal, no more swelling and it lessens the pain. It’s very relaxing to use and no irritation on my skin.” – Christopher Lenon  

    “Cellulite and fats on my legs are my number one insecurity. I can’t afford to have surgery to remove it and i’m also scared to do the surgery. My friend recommend this device to me and this is the best purchase I did this year. I’m using this every day and night after shower and after a month here’s my result! As you can see the cellulite lessen and now less visible unlike before.” – Kendra Thompson

    Comfortleg EMS Leg Lymph Circulation Massager

    How to use

    1. Clean and dry your legs/feet before using

    2. Setup massage modes and intensity you want.

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