Clip-on Zipper Fix Head (6pcs)


    Clip-on Zipper Fix Head (6pcs)
    Clip-on Zipper Fix Head (6pcs)


    Fix and deal with any broken zipper quickly and easily! The world’s first-ever instant solution, introducing the all-new Clip-on Zipper Fix Head!It glides smoothly over broken and missing zipper teeth, making any stuff works like new again! Simply clip, slip and zip!Save time and money from going to Tailor shops, just to fix broken zippers. This works perfectly on jeans, jackets, boots, suitcases, and handbags, or zips of any size!

    Clip-on Zipper Fix Head (6pcs)

    Instant Fix 
    fast and easy solution to any broken zipper. Makes any stuff works like new again!

    Easy Snap Clip
    With its design, no need for sewing & complicated installations, all it takes is a few easy steps: Snap Clip & Zip!

    Wide Variety of Usage
    Allows for repairs on worn out sliders, on plastic tooth and nylon coil-type zippers.
    Fix jackets, jeans, pants, boots, sports & duffle bags, handbags, purses, and much more!

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