CLAIRE™ France Teeth Whitening Essence


CLAIRE™ France Teeth Whitening Essence
CLAIRE™ France Teeth Whitening Essence

Check out what our happy and satisfied customers are saying:

I love my new smile! I’ve always been self-conscious of my teeth, but now I feel like they’re the first thing people notice when they look at me. And that’s a good thing—I’m proud of them. I used to be embarrassed by how yellow they were, and I was always afraid that if I smiled too big or too wide, someone would see them and think “oh no.” But now that my teeth are white as snow, it’s like… well, it’s like nothing can stand in the way of this smile. No one can resist smiling back at me now.
Beverly Weiss, 43, Cheyenne, Wyoming
I was so tired of my dull, yellow teeth that would look even worse against my pale skin. I went to the dentist and they said they could help me out with a bleaching system, but it’s expensive and takes forever. Then I tried looking for something that would give me results immediately, but without damaging my teeth or making them sensitive. The first time I used CLAIRE™ France Teeth Whitening Essence
, the results were instantly noticeable. I noticed a difference in the color of my teeth relatively soon after using it for the first time. And now that I’ve seen how well it works, I recommend it to all my friends!
Daisy Memphis, 35, Orlando, Florida
Removed bothersome coffee stains! I could not get them off with regular brushing and they were making me very self-conscious. I found this product and, after less than a week, the stains are completely gone! I could not imagine that this CLAIRE™ France Teeth Whitening Essence is very effective and I am very grateful that I really gave this a shot!
Chezka Porter, 28, Baltimore, Maryland

The CLAIRE™ France Teeth Whitening Essence is designed to be more accessible and easy to use. This convenient teeth whitening pen offers a portable-sized dose of whitening essence that you can apply anytime, anywhere! This enamel-safe essence gives you noticeably brighter teeth after each treatment while protecting your gums and enamel from being irritated, making it a great option for those with tooth and gum sensitivity.

The CLAIRE™ France Teeth Whitening Essence offers gentle yet effective on-the-go brightening that will leave you with a gleaming smile and a fresher breath.

Product Features:

  • Removes stubborn stains that have accumulated over the years
  • Designed to reach and clear the dirt from hard-to-reach areas
  • Provides protein to protect the tooth enamel and gums from damage and sensitivity
  • Transforms discolored or yellow teeth into pearly whites with each use
  • Freshens breath and removes halitosis
  • Comes in a packaging that is easy to carry around and travel with, perfect for on-the-go teeth whitening treatment

How to Use:

See Aigrette 7 days whitening teeth journey with the help of the CLAIRE™ France Teeth Whitening Essence:
Day 1
My teeth were yellow, dull, and stained from years of smoking. I tried everything—brushes and flosses, special toothpastes and mouthwashes—but nothing seemed to work. I was so embarrassed to smile. I knew I wanted to look more attractive, but I thought my options were limited. Then I came upon this CLAIRE™ France Teeth Whitening Essence and wow! I already saw nice results from it.
Day 3
It was so nice to see continuous improvements with this product! My teeth show a whiter texture and smoother feel, it’s as if I just had my dentist clean it! My friends are surprised to see the development from using this product.
Day 7
At first I was skeptical, but after using it for just 10 days all my yellow teeth turned white again! And they stayed that way! My teeth have never been whiter or brighter than they are now.I’m so happy with the results that I now use CLAIRE™ France Teeth Whitening Essence regularly to keep my smile looking its best! My friends can’t help but notice that my teeth are whiter and I have a nicer smile.
Aigrette Langley, 37, Kansas City, Kansas
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