Cat Kicker Fish Toy

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Cat Kicker Fish Toy
Cat Kicker Fish Toy

Cat Kicker Fish Toy combines 3 cat’s favorite elements: Catnip, cotton and shape of fish!

Apart from 3D realistic fish patterns, it is stuffed with catnips! Catnips are natural herbs that give out a soothing & fresh fragrance and easily attract cats’ interests.

Also they effectively relieve cats’ stress and keep them happy even when you’re not at home!


  • Perfect for Cuddling 
    Stuffed with dense elastic cotton which makes the fish ultra soft and comfortable for cats to cuddle or resting the head on it.

  • With Healthy Catnips
    Makes your cat excited while relieving mood and stress. Also effectively remains fresh and prevents odor caused by frequent licking.

  • Look Like a Real Fish!
    Applies premium 3D printing technology to create realistic fish shape & pattern.
  • Ultra Durable
    Made of durable fabric & PP elastic cotton with fine stitching to prevent your cats from biting the fish toy into two. Safe for chewing, biting, clawing & kicking.

  • Safe Hidden Zipper
    A space provided for refilling catnips. (Tips: Place them in the sunlight can boost the fragrance of catnips!)
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